By Jennifer Soremekun(Nee Jegede)

Diekola, when i heard , the news of your passing on, i was left in a state of shock and disbelief. The last time we saw , was in October 2018, Thank you for all you did. You will deeply be missed. God knows best.

Your memories will live on foreever. You were a rare gem. May the lord continue to comfort, your loved ones, continue to rest in the arm of the almighty.


By Alice

I can still remember the first time I met you, we were supposed to dropped off some items to you for your sister. I dropped my husband off to go in and I was going to go to the nearby mall quickly before they close to returned something , I was about to go when my husband called me and said that you wanted to meet me and the children. I came out of the car and you gave me the warmest hug and your smile. You took the children from me and told me to call you when I am done and you were going to meet me at the mall. I could hear my children laughing from where I was waiting for you and my family. I quickly apologized for them screaming and running around, but you were so kind and you said, they are kids now. You made my trip very easy and I didn’t have to carry a child and use a stroller for the other ones.
Omg when I heard of your passing, I could feel that sting , I told myself it could not be because it’s not your time, I checked in the Bible and I found 10 examples of how God raised them back up, so I called few people, the first person said that the family had gone through a lot and said that he doesn’t feel that they would want to go through the pain, I called the other person and she said that it’s been few days that you are gone, so I understand that I have to try with my mustard seed alone. Sis I prayed and fasted, I was so sure you were going to wake up. I had to recruit my husband,after finishing one of our prayers , he said, if I was sis I won’t want to come back after seeing heaven, so no amount of prayer would bring him back. O lord, I went inside one of the rooms and cried but continued to pray for you. The next day, I was browsing through instagram when I came through an article by Obiora Obiwon “what is untimely death” I read it and it felt that God was telling me , it’s his will that you are Gone. I wrote him and thanked him for the article but said I still believe that you were going to wake up. I only stopped with the prayer and fasting because we just buried you.

When I was reading what Bimbo wrote about her son praying for you to wake you, then I realized it was not just me alone.
Sis you will be missed but I learnt two major things from you. You fulfilled the two commandments (Love your God and Love your neighbors).
Thank you because I am more closer to God than ever. It’s now our race to run.


By Taiye Adewoye

Dear Dieko, you were truly one of a kind. I remember the first time meeting you. And how your genuinely warm, welcoming, lively and compassionate personality shone through from the get go.

It was always such a joy being around and having conversations with you. Each time we got to see or speak, you were always the same without missing a step.

Even though we hadn’t seen or spoken in a few years, you would go out of her way to check in during milestone occasions. You truly were one of a kind.

It hard to understand why wonderful people are taken so soon but you made amazing marks on the world that will not be wiped away.

Rest in the lord… You are dearly missed.


By Niyi Francis

To love and to obey. Auntie Diekola, how I wish death decision could be reversible on the ground of wrong identify. I will be willing to settle the bill. NO!! You still have many commitment yet to be accomplished. You raise the hope of many hopeless and all still wanted to reach you for guidance so as not to derail. This is an enormous vacuum which only God can handle. Oh yes! You are a disciplinarian (no nonsense) woman. When my wife break the news the next question came from Damilola and I quote ‘Mummy does it mean I will not be able to serve under her establishment again?’ I nodded my head in tears. But I know and I’m happy to console myself for you are a winner and your redeemed liveth. Therefore, eternal rest is guaranteed. ADIEU MA. ENJOY ETERNAL REST.


By Jola Orimolade

Diekolola, even though I hadn’t seen or heard from you in so many years, your passing on still hurt on so many levels. The Lord knows why He called you home at this time. “We plan the way we want to live, but only GOD makes us able to live it.” Proverbs‬ ‭16:9‬ ‭MSG‬‬. May the Holy Spirit comfort your husband, your Dad, siblings and loved ones. I know the Lord will watch over Samuel and he will be great. Sleep well my dear aburo.


By Chinoye Giwa-Osagie

To know Dieko was to love Dieko,she was so easy to love.I met her when she got married to my husbands cousin and the the first thing i noticed about her was her open and warm personality. On subsequent meetings, it became apparent that this was who she really was, no pretence, no guile, no drama. Dieko was learned and cultured yet well mannered,affable,humble,a true lady in every sense of the word, a testament to her good family upbringing.I made the journey to Ilorin by road, for her mums burial simply because I needed to pay homage to the woman who brought up a lady like Dieko.
These past couple of days have been filled with tears and my Dorcas moments, begging God to raise you from the dead.
In the midst of the whys,hows and ‘God,show your power’ dirge, I was reminded of a Vision in Poetry. The poem was about a dead man who got into heaven and was stunned and perplexed to see his loved ones weeping over his demise back on earth. He kept asking Jesus if his grieving family had any idea about his new glorious reality, and how he will not trade his new heavenly home for any earthly possession or relationship.
So Dieko, we rest in the knowledge that you are experiencing pure ecstasy with the heavenly hosts, with absolutely no regrets or desire to return to this realm.
During a program in Fountain of Life Church, i picked a promise for you, and it was so on point. It simply read “God did it”. I remember your excitment when i gave you the promise and how you kept asking me to repeat it over and over again. Indeed God has done it, our Samuel is finally here.
Rest well my friend! God will take care of Emma, Samuel your miracle baby, family and friends. I choose to remember your laughter and laugh right back with you in my heart, knowing that your essence lives forever. No goodbyes, just see you later.


By Tunde Akinrinmade

Love you Dieko. Though I didn’t know you well, but I know people who loved and cared for you. The testimonies of those who’s lives you touched embolden me to strive to be better. True,a worthy life is not measured in time as time is finite, but in deeds as memories live for ever. O daa’ro Dieko. Sun re!


By Gbolade

Dearest sis,

You’ll forever be missed. It’s impossible to leave your presence and not be touched by your honest, real, jovial persona. It’s like sadness and melancholy had no room, wherever you were.
I’ll forever recall your inner and outer brilliance and glow as you brighten up the mood of everyone around you.
Only he who knows it all, understands the mystery that will forever remain, but I know you touched deeply all those who had the fortune of coming in contact with you.
Thank you for imparting a vision of God’s pure joy. You are forever loved.



By Tokunbo Akinkugbe

We grew up together and I stand in a very long line of all those who love and adore you. You have gone to REST.


By Mopelola Akinrinmade

Diekola,hmmm…words cannot express how painful and devastating the news of your death was,but who are we to question God?You were full of life and selfless in all your ways, beautiful both in and out.O death where is thy sting?
You are gone but not forgotten.Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Sun re o Olatanwa…


By Samuel Olu Oyinloye

You explore, conquer, played your part & left permanent footprint. It’s too soon but u gave us a memory that cannot be forgotten. Oh death where is thy sting.
Diekolola, no more pains, no more sorrows.
See you at the feet of Jesus. Rest in the Lord. Till we meet again.


By Kehinde Okesola (Nee Adewoye)

Dieko,I will forever remember your laugh and beautiful smile. You always brighten up the room. Your kind heart and love has left a void in this world.
You are dearly missed and will never be forgotten.
Till we meet again….


By Yemi Hopewell(Née Adewoye)

You were a shining light and will never be forgotten by all who love you. Rest in the loving arms of the Almighty 🙏🏾


By David Adegbola Thomas

Words can’t even begin to express just how shocked and devastated we were to hear the news and how difficult it has been trying to come to terms with it all. It’s been utterly surreal. I still catch myself thinking that it can’t be true. But alas, it is. Painful though it may be.

I can’t help but recall meeting you for the first time and almost immediately feeling like I’d known you for aeons! That’s not surprising at all. Who can resist your ever-present smile; your hearty laughter; your warm, super-bubbly, friendly nature; your approachable, unassuming demeanour, your selfless love of others and your generous spirit? Yours was a truly special spirit and I am so glad to have had you as a sister.

There is much that happens during this journey of life that we don’t understand – we see in part and understand in part. Nevertheless, we trust wholly and only in God Who sees and knows all things. We are comforted knowing that you are resting beautifully with Him, the lover of your soul, Whom you loved above all else.
Dieko, you are missed and will always be deeply missed.
Rest well my dear. Till we meet again…


By Omolola Ogungbile Nee Fabayo

If someone had told me that I would be writing this tribute for you at this time, I would not have believed it. Writing my childhood and teenage years story would not be complete without mentioning your name. Obinrin bi okunrin ma ni Diekola o. Not afraid of anybody and not scared to say things the way they were.
Childhood was fun with you and your siblings. We all moved on at some point. Always jovial and ready to give. I remember that you gave me the first real weave-on I used. So I was not surprised when I heard about how you touched lives and made giving your lifestyle. Also, I learnt that your love for God and the things of God were exceptional. We can’t question God but what I understand from what happened is that you have fought the good fight, have finished the race and kept the faith and the crown of righteousness has been laid upon you. You left a gift in Samuel for your husband and I know Samuel will make you proud. Where you were not able to get to Samuel would get there in Jesus name. You are not forgotten Dieko, you will continue to live on in our hearts.


By Gbemi Awoniyi

What does one say to someone you have known most of your life, expected to grow old with and laugh at our Ilorin childhood stories? You were a loving sister (from my other mother), a woman after God’s heart and will be forever missed. I will never forget you, my Dieko!❤️


By Comfort Zedomi nee Daramola

We are all heartbroken about your loss Diekola. We miss your smile, sense of humour and consideration for others. You are a gem who will be missed dearly, forever in our hearts. Rest In Perfect Peace with Mummy, love you loads baby sis.


By Toyosi Aransiola

Rest in Peace sis
Gone too soon but we know God knows best


By Modupeore Osomo

Who are we to question the almighty. The Lord has given and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I only wish you could have stayed with us longer. Your energy and joy was palpable. You were loving, super generous and fiercely loyal to your own. I will miss our long engaging gisting sessions and your laughter so much. Thank you for the love you showed to my dad. You were truly “Omo Baba” It was a privilge to have known you Dieko. You live on in our hearts. Sun re o aburo mi owon…..


By Yinka Blackshear

My dear Dieko! When I think about you all I see is light, your vibrant energy, your wide smile and your welcoming personality. I remember you coming to the house to discuss your idea of setting up the event Center. This is a tough one but I bless God for blessing us with you, for impacting us with your love , for your joie de vivre deeply rooted in our saviour Jesus Christ. We miss you greatly, your bubbly personality has transitioned to the presence of your Lord to continue your fervent worship. We love you. God keep your husband and your beautiful son in the palm of His hands. Good night my sweet Aburo until we meet on the other side. Aunty Yinka Blackshear