By Akindeji Falaki

Diekolola, Diekolola,

Thank you for your faith, faithfulness and friendship in the last 23 years. From being your pastor way back then to the honour of blessing your beautiful marriage to Emmmauel 11 years ago on your lovely wedding day in Lagos.

I can attest to your tireless love of family, dodgedness in the face of adversity, generous spirit, cheerfulness, courage, resourcefulness, prayerfulness and humility.

As if your exemplary giving wasn’t sufficient, even on your way to our eternal Home, you endeavoured to give us Samuel. Thank you Dieko. Thank you for making our lives richer. We are the poorer without you.

I am deeply pained by your passing. I recall our conversations and how you have consistently demonstrated abiding faith in your Maker. But who are we to question the All Wise, All Knowing and All powerful God whom you loved and served. And who loves you the more. You can now rest in His eternal love.

Diekolola, sleep on in His everlasting arms.

To the Osa-Avieleles and Adebayos, may you experince the God of all comfort, individually and collectively, at this time.

Be encouraged by the words of Annie Johnson Flint:

He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater,
He sendeth more strength when the labors increase;
To added afflictions He addeth His mercy,
To multiplied trials, His multiplied peace.

When we have exhausted our store of endurance,
When our strength has failed ere the day is half done,
When we reach the end of our hoarded resources,
Our Father’s full giving is only begun.

God bless you.


By IbukunOluwa Oni

Aunty Dieko, your exit is a painful one, very hard to come to terms with. I saw you only once, but I saw strength, boldness and courage in you.

In that strength that God gave you, you brought forth Samuel, a chosen vessel for the Master. For every desire you had for him, every prayer you prayed, know that God will do much more and strengthen your husband too. He’s a good, good Father.

We know you are in our future and we will meet again.
Goodnight Aunty Dieko…


By Bunmi Damilola Fagbohun

DiekololaOluwa Olatanwa Adunni, hmmm what a loss, i cannot believe the news of your demise. Unquestionable is our God. Gone too soon. Dieko i remember before i met you, i have heard so much great things about from your loving sisters Mosun and Toyosi that was part of my angels in life, and i can never forget them and the rest of your family. When i finally got to meet you in Laurel Md when you came to do your Masters program, i always love to be around you because you will always make us to laugh and you speak the truth…i remember there was something i had never shared with anyone about a dream i had long time ago, it was through my conversation with you while we were sharing some of our life experiences that i told you and i will never forget how we prayed that night and you told me Ah!!! Bunmi you need to stay in the place of prayer and you encouraged me….I even said i will name one of my children after you, cos i love your name so much…very unique and lovely name. We shared the same Oriki (Adunni) we used to laugh about it, that we are too sweet have….Dieko i knew you then as very bold, courageous, fun to be with, open minded, focus and full of life, i can tell from all the testimonies from your family and friends that you remain the same and much more great qualities of yours. Dieko you flew all the way from Nigeria to make sure you attend my wedding then back in April 2006 because you promised me and you fulfill that promise. You, Mosun and Toyosi were like the sisters i never had… i cherish and covet the bond and love between you and your siblings even your parents….i always wish i kept in touch with you all, i do not know what happened in that area, but God knows regardless i still love you all and will always be grateful to you all. Hmm!!! you would have been a great mother to the Angel you brought to this world…gosh you love children…what you were not able to achieve, even as much as you have achieved a lot with humility, your son will achieve in Jesus name, he will fulfill purpose and he will be known in the corridors of the leaders in Jesus name. What a beautiful life that was cut short. I take solace in the fact that you are resting in the bosom of the Almighty. Sun re ooo till we meet at the feet of Jesus. DiekololaOluwa Olatanwa Adunni.


By Olumide Abogunrin

Hmmm life o life o life! Keep resting on sister Diekolola. May u find peace with God! What a great loss to us all.


By Wereuche Majekodunmi

Dieko, Dieko! I cannot believe I am having to write this. A tribute to you Dieko.
I cannot believe this.
We at Newton and David are all numb with grief! Where do I start? Dieko you were the real deal. Honest, kind, hardworking, full of integrity, your word was your bond all the years we worked together. Your yes is your yes and your no is your no. Ah! I shall miss you painfully. Humble, unassuming, it took ages for me to find out you were a former governor’s daughter. I discovered when we went to Kwara together for a recci and you were so at home and I asked you very direct questions. You were truly a very rare breed. The last event we did together was the Adebutu chieftancy in Ile-Ife. We even wore the same fabric. You referred me on the job and you never ever, in all the years we worked together, asked for ‘anything’ on any referral. It was a practice we both believed in. We discussed the industry in Nigeria at length and were always in one accord.
You are a tribute to the parents that gave birth to you.
Beautiful big Dieko, stylish with a strong sense of your own personal style.
Each time I saw you you were beautifully turned out, looking glamorous.
Dieko, you are gone too soon. Dieko you are gone way too soon.
We bow at the feet of the almighty. Nothing happens without his consent no matter how bitter. We must accept. After all we are all here but for a short time. What will we do without you Dieko? You never ever let me down once in all the years we worked events together. Your integrity was truly rare. Dieko you will be sorely painfully missed. RIP my dearest.

Wereuche Majekodunmi.
Newton and David Events.


By Funmi Atolagbe

I write this with great sadness over your unimaginable loss dear Dieko. I pray that God comfort your lovely family left behind in a supernatural way. You remain forever in my heart. Indeed, heaven has gained an Angel!
Rest on in perfect peace.


By Bukky Ogunlowo Adekeye

This is such a shock and I cant help the tears. The agony of this loss is so heavy. I can hardly come up with words. Why do people say we cant question God when all we have are questions? It is sad to have to mourn you so and I don’t even know what to tell daddy, my second dad. I know I am writing this as friend but we are family. Rest in peace Dieko.


By Bolajoko Taiwo

May her soul Rest In Peace


By Bunmi Alugbin

Dieko, your very unique name distinguished you in the then Ilorin Community. Though you were initially classmates with my brother but I knew you in Unilorin. We reconnected a few years ago at a fitness BC in Magodo and you were so graceful. Saw you again sometime last year and you exuded so much grace. The news of your passage was really painful but I know all will be well.
I pray the Lord comfort your family and ease the pain of your passage.
Glad you left a wonderful keepsake for your son- the legendary ‘duduke’ dance photo shoot.
Rest well, Dieko


By Rose Odudu

Wow! I can’t believe I am actually reading this about Dieko. I left Nigeria 30 years ago and the last time I saw Dieko was at Unilorin Secondary school. I remember her as a bubbly character and the close knit family of girls at the time before jnr was born. I can still picture her in that purple unilorin uniform.
Mosun take heart that Dieko is at rest in the arms of the Lord. Still in shock, but who are we to question the Almighty.

God bless
Rose Odudu


By Olugbesoye Olujimi

Aunty Dieko, still trying to come to terms with fact that you’ve gone to be with the Lord,but I take solace in the fact that it is truly a better place where there is no pain nor grief.

Constantly reflecting on the memories I have of you; passionate,genuine, fearless and with such a large heart,there were no pretences!

You came,did your sincere best and have laid your sword of victory down at the master’s feet.

Abiyamo tòótó!!

Sleep on Beloved till we meet to part no more.


By Mrs Oge Onyebuchi (Malak’s Place)

My dearest Dieko,
The news of your passing left me numb and speechless. I am still lost for words even as I write this. I met you when I started my business, being a newcomer in the industry and learning my step was a bit challenging and God brought you my way. Meeting you, interacting with you; you were always willing and ready to give advice. You even took time out of your busy schedule to visit my centre and gave advice, these I will forever cherish.
Meeting you has been very inspiring for me and I’m certain, such can be said for so many others who encountered you.
I pray earnestly for the loved ones you have left behind, because I know you are safe in our Heavenly Father’s arms. May the Almighty Father give your lovely family, abundance of grace and the fortitude to bear the vacuum this has created.
Adieu my lovely sister, Continue to rest in the bosom of LORD.
Mrs Oge Onyebuchi
(Malak’s Place).


By Abimbola Adebanjo ( Eyitayo)

Diekololaoluwa! Strong, Bold, Defender. I remember our USS Days, car race from school to Tanke junction, evening walk on GRA road, mummy’s meat shop. Fun memories. You did well, well done! Your duduke video, speaks so loud. I’m sure your are smiling now with your maker. Thanks for giving yourself. I really feel bad that I didn’t get your contact from sis Bukky the last time I saw her. Well, till we meet to part no more, sleep on Diekololaoluwa.

The Lord keep and uphold your husband, son and siblings. Amen!



By Magawoa Akaiku Bamgboye

I remember ilorin you made me your friend, you invited me to your house introduced me to your mum and sisters, I was on top of the world cos I was friends with you. Thank you for this memory I will cherish it forever
I pray the Lord will comfort your family and protect your son


By Bukola Uviase ( Manifold Events and Rentals)

Even though I never met her, I interacted with her brand at last year’s The Events Industry Conference, her brand exhibited by us , and I was really looking forward to meeting her in person one day. Oh well, God know best. As the MFM Pastor said during the Service of Songs , God is looking for Divine Treasurers, are you one?

You are blessed to be a blessing.

Your Good works live on.

Good night Diekolola, Daughter of Zion 🙏


By Rose Odudu

Wow! I can’t believe I am actually reading this about Dieko. I left Nigeria 30 years ago and the last time I saw Dieko was at Unilorin Secondary school. I remember her as a bubbly character and the close knit family of girls at the time before jnr was born. I can still picture her in that purple unilorin uniform.

Mosun take heart that Dieko is at rest in the arms of the Lord. Still in shock, but who are we to question the Almighty.

God bless
Rose Odudu


By Esther Odaibo

Dear Diekola may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may God comfort and strengthen your loved ones.


By Prof. & Dr.(Mrs.) Eyitayo Lambo

Adieu, rest on, our beloved daughter Barr. Diekola Adebayo – Osa Avielele. You will be sadly missed but remembered for your bubbling and friendly nature ever smiling, jovial and active, showing concern for other people’s welfare. The news of your passing on came like a thunderbolt from the blues… a great loss to the beloved closely – knit & godly Adebayo family that we have associated with for many years. Only God can heal the wounds of your departure, our beautiful Diekola. May God strengthen and comfort your husband Emmanuel, your father, Chief C.O. Adebayo, your siblings and your little baby in Jesus name.


By Funmi Atolagbe

Diekolola Mi, My friend, My sister… Words really can’t describe the hurt and sadness I feel. I never thought in my wildest dream that I will be writing a tribute for you. This is surreal! I can’t help but hope that sometime soon, I might get a call saying Dieko woke up.
This is hard ooh! Very hard! I was asleep when my phone rang in the early hours of Saturday July 18th., I was informed of your demise and I thought what a ridiculous joke this was. I did not believe it but yet, I felt very uneasy and confused. Upon calling our egbon Bukky, she confirmed my worst fear.

We met over 20 years ago through your sisters (Oremi Bukky & Mosun) and for some reason we just clicked. We hit off right away and we have stayed friends since then. You were such a beautiful soul inside and out, respectful, kind hearted, charismatic, and genuine.
You carried yourself with so much dignity and pride, yet very humble. I was always intrigued by your laughter, your deep contagious yet very genuine laughter. Every time we got together, although not often, we would gist and catch up. It was also great being around you and I will miss how you call my name Funmmiiii, stressing it with so much joy and with a big smile on your face every time you saw me.

Over the years, apart from being friends we also did business together. You were always my go to person for my major rentals. We worked so well together and you never gave me reasons to complain. You were very professional and ethical in all our dealings. I pray the dream you have for Cedarwood/Dvenue will come to fruition and they will soar greater than you had imagined. Amen

I remember just in November (last year), whilst setting up for my Uncle’s funeral a car drove in that evening and it happened to be Dieko. She came to give me some moral support. After a few hours, I remember saying it was late and she needed to start heading to Magodo from the Island, but she insisted on staying with me to keep me company. She kept saying Funmi ma worry, e wo ni kan lo wa ni bi (Funmi don’t worry about me you’re the only one here…), Meanwhile my staff and hers were working. That was how thoughtful and selfless Dieko was. I can go on and on.

Dieko, you were always very thoughtful and kind. I find myself talking to myself and just saying “Aaah Dieko, Why?” and other times wondering what possibly went wrong and how did we get here? Quickly! I had to come back to reality and keep faith because we cannot question God, only He knows best, and He has chosen for you to be with him at this time.

You will truly be missed! We are comforted by the beautiful memories and the precious son Samuel you left behind. He is definitely in good hands…. he has your hubby, four mums (Sis Bukky, Mosun, Bimbo & Toyosi) and several dads to take care of him. We take solace in God for His promise, that He never burdens a soul beyond what it can bear. Therefore, we will not lose hope nor be sad because we know you are in a better place.

Rest well my dear Diekolola Omotanwa, Sun re o!


By Femi Badeji

You are really missed