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    You explore, conquer, played your part & left permanent footprint. It’s too soon but u gave us a memory that cannot be forgotten. Oh death where is thy sting.
    Diekolola, no more pains, no more sorrows.
    See you at the feet of Jesus. Rest in the Lord. Till we meet again.

    Diekola, thank you for being a bright light in our lives. Thank you for always looking out for people around you. Thank you for being authentic and sincere. Your energy invigorates and keeps us going. And your smile and laughter ☺️☺️☺️, truly heartwarming ! You were indeed a sibling more than anything else. Your love for family was intense and consistent! I remain grateful that I got to speak with you that evening and heard your voice . We miss you , will miss you but you will remain forever in our hearts 💕.

    Love, forever,

    Bukola Thomas.

    Folake Taylor (nee Kolawole)

    Diekola! Olatanwa!! Words fail me, Sis. I looked at the pics on this site first, and when I saw the ones of you and I, it took me way back to happy times, fun times. There was never a dull moment around you. Passionate, dedicated, loving. Till the very end. I haven’t lived in Nigeria in 20 years, and I haven’t seen you in 11 years, but I caught some of your progress through social media—the awards, the accolades. I remember when we were growing up, those weekends in your house from Ife, and if I was lucky, a whole week. Sometimes in Ilorin, sometimes in Lagos, I was an honorary Adebayo, fitting in right between you and Bukky in age. That was a huge highlight of my childhood. It’s surreal that you’re gone, because one always feels like we’ll all grow old and gray and all. But God knows best.
    I don’t have any amazing speech to give. I’m still somewhat numb. Today. I keep circling between the initial numbness, then anger, then extreme sadness, then back again. But you will always be in our hearts…
    Thank you for all those photos. Exquisite photos. Intentional. As usual. Now I’m inspired to take proper studio pictures. See, even in death, still inspiring…
    You gave your all to birth Samson Ayomide. Your absolute all. And it’s reminiscent of how you faced everything while on this side. Your business. Your marriage. Your family. Everything. You gave your all. Big hugs to mom in heaven. We’ll catch y’all on the other side! ❤️