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    For my Forever Friend 
    “You’re not a Lawyer, what are you doing working here?” 
    My startled glance met her mischievous grin and I burst out laughing. We were both serving at the same law firm at the time and that was how we met and became instant best buddies.
    Dieko…always direct, always saying things as they were, that’s one attribute I grew to love about her.
    She was always so full of energy. Her drive was another one of her admirable qualities. She was always on to the next thing, little wonder she achieved so much in such a short time!
    She was always there for me, at my darkest moments she would stretch an arm of encouragement and at my happy moments, she celebrated with me. She will always say “Never dwell on what didn’t go well, just strive to make your next attempt work!”.
    I was so excited that she was expecting! God had finally heard our prayers! She was going to be a Super Mum and me, a doting godmother!
    This, was not the plan Dieks. Then again, who am I to question God…
    I pray that with time this pain will fade and I will remember only the wonderful moments and gist we shared. 
    May you rest in the peace you so richly deserve.

    Dequish Pumping,

    I have avoided posting messages on social media ‘cause I have been in denial. However, I knew a time would come when I would have to put some words together. Truth is, words can never sufficiently describe what we shared.  

    We met on my 1st day at Unilorin , in the midst of figuring registrations et all we found us and our ship set to sail. Through this voyage, we shared laughter, tears, dreams, fights, fears ,secrets, prayers, love and determination. We celebrated successes, professional and otherwise. Your family became my Ilorin family and mine yours. Many people pondered how long we had known each other before our school days and we usually just left them guessing. We did life together so well . Fashionista, you were always so gorgeous that you got the award ‘Jambite babe’ of our set. Dieko!!!!

    Olatanwa, you were a formidable force. You made sweet and juicy lemonade from any lemons life threw at you. Your down moments were short, as you always took any dissapointment as an opportunity to try again and do better. Back in school, you had shared your dream of wanting to own an event place. You took the bull by the horn by resigning from a job most people dreamt to have. Your early attempts of making that dream come true were not easy, there were hurdles but you refused to be botched by them. Today, it is so glaring that you indeed got that vision right.

    Olaotan, I choose to remember the several fun times we had. Our love for good cuisine , movies , fashion and travels. The several night vigils, daring moments  like driving on 3rd mainland bridge at 2am just by ourselves. Girl, what were we thinking? (I just heard you laugh, ok Deki, I promise I wont spill any more secrets, did you just laugh again?) . How can I forget how beautiful and happy you looked on your wedding day? The beautiful gatherings at Ilorin and Oke Onigbin during Mummy’s funeral, Junior’s(Segun) wedding, our birthdays and the tradition of exchanging gigantic cakes, your humour and smile…………Hmmmmmmm! This is HARD!!!!!!!!

    Dequish, I heard the sweet chuckles of your baby when I spoke with Sis Bukky. He sounded energetic and strong, just like you. Thank you for giving him to us.

    ‘your Mesh Mesh’.

    Lola I feel and share your deep pain. Loosing Diekola is a loss that is colossal. I remember your friendship and the admiration I had for your bond. Diekola was simply an angel on special assignment to earth.
    The last time I saw her at an event, she knew I was troubled and wanted me to share, she was ready to offer a shoulder. Selfless, that’s who she was. Knowing her was a blessing and still is. I pray that the almighty God will keep her in peace in His bosom and grant all hearts grieving her loss the fortitude to bear the loss. I pray that Grace and Strength will be her husband’s gift to carry on her legacy and to raise their lovely son. Amen. Diekola sleep on in peace in the arms of your Lord. We will always love and cherish you. Goodnight dearest.

    Olusola Onabanjo

    DIekolola, I really cannot say much because it all seem unreal to me.
    I dont have the right words to describe you. I can only say you’re one of a kind. “Ore bi omo iya” that’s who you were to me.
    We pray together, we share each other’s burden, we laugh together and were true to what we believe. YOU were an advocate of fairness to all, if it was possible for you everyone around you will get all they want. You have no limit with giving of yourself and your substance. Your heart is real and true even when you’re angry you mean well.
    How do I begin to describe your commitment to the things of God and to the betterment of others as long as it’s within your power you dont hold back, you stretch yourself and sacrifice so others can smile.
    Diekolola Oluwatoyin it was a privilege to have known you and called you my friend.
    It is hard to accept you’re gone but Ive got to say goodbye for now, till we meet at the bosom of our father and Lord Jesus Christ where I intend to ask you some questions? Goodnight my Sister.

    Kenny( Mama) Sotunde

    Heaven has gained an Angel!
    I met you at Upbeat, Lagos the last Bimbo was in Nigeria. We chatted like we have met before. You were so full of life.
    May your gentle soul rest in perfect. Thank you for being such an amazing woman.

    My daughter my daughter that is how my Father late Chief DY Adesina calls you. It was a very rude shock to hear of your demise. Dieko you were blubbly and full of life.Your fashion sense was outstanding. You were beautiful inside and outside. I pray God give your family the fortitude to bear this great loss. The Lord will watch over your Son. Continue to rest in peace till we meet to part no more.
    You will be greatly missed.


    Dieko, you were larger than life…selfless….so humble and very friendly and nice! I always ask after you from Lara as i lost touch since we left Law School. I remember sweet memories of you at Unilorin. You were one in a million Dieko. You will be seriously missed. I pray for comfort for your family at this time. May the resurrection hope be their solace! Your son is my dad’s namesake- Samuel. Those who bear that name are usually great people. Samuel will definitely be great and will carry on your legacy!

    Diekolola, Dekky baby as i called you in law school. I was always going on about you while we were in law school and during court attachment that my elder sister thought you were a guy i was in love with. You had a special relationship with each and everyone of your friends. You were the type of friend that we picked up from where we stopped each time we met again. Through my tears i bring back memories and smile. Never a dull moment with you. I was looking forward to seeing you in Ekiti not knowing that will never be. The Lord comfort all you left behind my friend.
    Rest on.


    Hmmmm….spoke to you recently, you told me,very soon u had good news for me……why this sad news….rest well my darling sister….Good night diekola….hmmmmm

    Our Darling Dieko we love you but God loves you more. You will always remain special in our hearts and will never be forgotten. All six of you are so amazing, beautiful in and out, genuinely kind and loving. I know nothing can fill the void but I pray God comforts each and everyone of your siblings. May God comfort your husband and kids. May you find rest with the Lord and may you continue to have that beautiful smile of yours watching over everyone in heaven. Till we meet again to never depart my love, Sun rè oh

    Sis Dieko,
    A quintessential business woman, CEO Cedarwood Global Resources Limited and Dvenue Interbiz Limited.
    The news of your demise came to us as a very rude shock. You were an amazing wife and a wonderful sister. You loved everyone who came across you. You were a giver per excellence. You never hesitate to give to the things of God and humanity. Our path crossed in church and then we became family. You were so interested in all that concerns us, from our relationship with God, to business, to work, to our personal relationship. We bonded so well as if we were from same parents. We were expecting your return back to Nigeria with the bundle of joy we have prayed earnestly to God for but alas death struck. We cannot question God. We take solace in the fact that you are now in a better place away from the troubles of this world. One thing for sure is that the whole heaven rejoices because of your arrival.
    Your last words during our conversation on July 4, 2020
    My dear brother, i trust you are well and my sister, we are counting days .
    Sis Dieko,
    A o pade lese Jesu, ibi ti a ko ni yarawa, a o ri ra wa, a o yo mo ra wa.Jesu ni yi o se alaga.
    Our hearts are with your loving husband Emmanuel, your destiny Son Samuel, your dad , your siblings and all your loved ones.
    We shall meet at the ressurection morning!
    Good night Deki! An Angel has just returned to heaven

    May Dieko’s soul rest in peace. Her legacy will live on. One of the finest individual I met @ Unilorin. She’s a no nonsense tell it as it is individual. Even though we’ve lost touch in years, I am happy to have known you, sad to say goodbye but thankful for the lives you touched.

    Continue to rest in peace.

    So go and run free with the angels
    Dance around the golden clouds
    For the lord has chosen you to be with him
    And we should feel nothing but proud
    Although he has taken you from us
    And our pain a lifetime will last
    Your memory will never escape us
    But make us glad for the time we did have
    Your face will always be hidden
    Deep inside our hearts
    Each precious moment you gave us
    Shall never, ever depart
    So go and run free with the angels
    As they sing so tenderly
    And please be sure to tell them
    To take good care of you for us. …

    Author unknown.

    Juliet Faseemo

    Still feels so unreal that you’re gone…but not forever because we will still meet again at the resurrection. You were truly kindhearted and wished everyone well. Despite that we were industry colleagues (what some might call competitors), you were genuinely caring and helpful, always willing to guide and advise.
    And oh, so easily moved to the aid of the less privileged!

    May God Almighty strengthen and comfort your husband and entire family, and be with your son now and forever.

    Rest on and farewell Sis Dieko! You will surely be missed.

    I am deeply saddened about this Dieko. You were the sister to my dear friend Mosun and my heart aches for the entire family. God sees and knows why you had to leave at this time. I pray for comfort for those you have left behind. You were loved and we are all comforted with the fact that you are in heaven looking down on your husband, you beautiful son, family, and friends. Sun re Dieko.

    You were a package of humility and sweetness put together. All through our University days and way through to Law School, I can’t recall capturing your angry moment. Fast forward to future, you touched many lives in a hurry as though you knew your assignment was time bound, one with strict deadline. Angel Dieko, you did well, I am sure you know now that Heaven is so proud of you.

    Eversince I heard the unbearable news of your demise, I have never stopped asking this rhetoric: “why do good people die so young”? I am not sure anyone of us has an appropriate answer to this, so I bucket it along with other numerous questions we look forward to finding the right answers on the resurrection morning.

    Diekoooooo, you fought the good fight and you won. A Galant soldier on a mission to touch lives, a warrior that took up the battles of many, you didn’t hold back love, you gave it freely. Your resources blessed many lives. These are the realities we get to hold on to, as God alone is the one who can console us all.

    Your son is a reminder that you won in Christ, as my Yoruba people will say, “o ku gbe”, meaning, you didn’t die in vain. May God grant your dear husband unlimited grace to pull through and give Samuel enough love for both of you.

    It was a blessing crossing path with you in life. You were always an air of fresh breath. Keep sleeping dearie, Olatanwa, Aya Emmanuel, Super mummy of Samuel.

    Diekolola………Dieko……… I can’t imagine all that energy, all that positive force is gone????? Growing up with you was an experience indeed. You made me into your family member as been the runt of the family, I was the only one left in my house. You taught me the value of family especially younger ones of which I had no experience of by looking after yours so lovingly. You were so boisterous with the biggest heart ever! The energy sha… ko se ko, it was magical!
    We lost touch but I never imagined you will be one not in the background. When I heard ah! All the memories of you rushed in, how you must have planned to introduced your little bobo to the world…….. ah! Diekolola you left a vacuum. May God comfort all you left behind sisterly………Oro melo lo ma to lati so??

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    Aunty Dieko….
    I just want you to know that I love you. You are amazing. I wish I met you earlier, you touched me in the 2 years I met you.

    I will forever remember your words to me, how you always looked out for me. Thank you for the beautiful memories we shared.
    Our last job together was a burial and I did not think I will Have to bury you as well or decorate your memorial but God knows best.

    I love you oo aunty, May the heavens welcome you because you are a true angel.

    God loves you more.
    Sleep well aunty ❤️

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